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Science Policy 101: The Legislative process and your role in it. Today we heard from Kelly Dockham and Amy Auth, UNC Chapel Hill’s federal affairs officers and advocates of civic engagement. They spoke on the functioning of federal and state politics – the process of moving legislation through approval, the roles of staff, legislators, and anyone in between, and how your voice fits in. Know your congressperson, make a connection, and repeat. Advocacy begins when you call or write to your member of congress – not in a form letter but with your real experiences and needs. It continues when you visit their office and put a face to the name. There are so many opportunities to remind your congressperson that when they fight for funding for science, higher education, and local buses they support you as a member of the UNC community.

Amy and Kelly reminded us that policy is made by people like us, it isn’t the video from schoolhouse rock.¬†Join SPAG this year as we explore the roles and opportunities for researchers in advocating for their work.

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