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 Community Outreach

Chaired by Kelsey Miller, our Outreach Committee participated in 8 events last year in collaboration with the Morehead Planetiarium, and will continue the collaboration in the coming year.  The goal of our outreach is to communicate to students and their families the importance of science to the economic success and security of the nation as well as the health of its citizens.


Professional Development

One of SPAG’s key goals is to promote involvement of scientists in advocacy, and the Professional Development committee is key to achieving that mission.  Under the leadership of the chair, this committee coordinates professional development events for students and post-doctoral fellows throughout the year.   The Chair position is currently OPEN. Please email Edhriz Siraliev-Perez if you are interested in being Chair or serving on this committee.


Policy Advocacy and Congressional Engagement

The chair of SPAG’s Political Advocacy Committee, Ben Roberts, keeps us apprised of critical legislation on the hill and is an expert at crafting message letters and managing meetings with representatives.

Social Media Coordinator

This position is currently OPEN.  If you are interested in serving as the SPAG Social Media Coordinator, or would like more information, please email Edhriz Siraliev-Perez.

Special Projects Committee

Katelyn Lavrich

To get involved in any of our committees, contact the listed Committee Chair directly or the SPAG President, Edhriz Siraliev-Perez.