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ASBMB Policy Blotter

Journal of Science Policy & Governance (JSPG)

JSPG publishes high quality articles covering the widest range of science and technology policy topics that have been authored by students, policy fellows, young scholars and recent graduates of all academic backgrounds. Submissions may range from 1500 word op-eds to 35 page technology assessments and address a variety of issues including, but not limited to, health, the environment, space, energy, technology and international science issues.

This year’s deadline is November 16th 2018

The National Science Policy Network (and SPAG’s parent group)

NIH OSP “Under the Poliscope”

NIH “Rock Talk”

NIH Director’s Blog

Duke’s SciPol

Science Journal Scienceinsider

Not websites

The Pipettes and Politics Podcast from ASBMB

Southeast Science Policy Network Hub Video Conferences (~monthly)

The AAAS/American University Recommended Practices Handbook for Communicating with Policymakers