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Journalism and Mass Communication

JOMC 89.2      Science, Media and Public Life

JOMC 244      Talk Politics: An Introduction to Political Communication

JOMC 560      Science and Medical Journalism

JOMC 561      Medical and Science Video Storytelling

JOMC 562      Science Documentary Television

JOMC 565      Environmental Storytelling

JOMC 825      Seminar in Interdisciplinary Health Communication

JOMC 847      Seminar in Communication for Social Change0


Public Policy

PLCY 101       Making Public Policy

PLCY 210       Policy Innovation and Analysis

PLCY 220       The Politics of Public Policy

PLCY 305       Public Policy Communication

PLCY 393       Public Policy Clinic

PLCY 340       Justice in Public Policy

PLCY 570       Health and Human Rights

PLCY 710       Public Policy Analysis

PLCY 716       New Institutionalism: Politics, Institutions and Public Policy


Health Policy and Management

HPM 351        Policy Issues in Health Services Delivery

HPM 393        Field Training in Health Policy and Management

HPM 470        Statistical Methods for Health Policy Management

HPM 496        Readings in Health Policy Management

HPM 563        Advanced Health Policy Analysis

HPM 600        Introduction to Health Policy

HPM 710        Health Law

HPM 715        Health Economics for Policy and Management

HPM 748        Healthcare Policy and Economics of Healthcare Insurance

HPM 757        Health Reform: Political Dynamics and Policy Dilemmas

HPM 759        Issues in Health Policy and Reform


Health Behavior

HBEH 710      Community Capacity, Competence and Power

HBEH 715      Communication for Health-Related Decision Making

HBEH 727      Patient Advocacy: Healing the Healthcare System