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 Postdoctoral Advisor

Ana T. Nogueira, Ph.D.

Our postdoctoral advisor is Ana Nogueira. Our organization is dedicated to supporting post-doctoral researchers, as well as graduate and undergraduate students. Our post-doctoral advisor acts as a liaison to facilitate policy outreach and training with post-docs at UNC.

Ana is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Pharmacology department at UNC’s School of Medicine. She applies biosensors to 3D microscopy to investigate protein activity and to study shines a light into the mysteries surrounding platelet production. Ana was the chair of the international postdoc alliance and recently the chair of the UNC’s postdoc association where she has been advocating for the UNC community. At SPAG, she is thrilled to connect science with a broader audience. She is a member of the American Heart Association, American Society of Cell Biology, and National Postdoc Association.
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 Community Outreach

Chaired by Mingyu Choi, our Outreach Committee participated in 8 events last year in collaboration with the Morehead Planetiarium, and will continue the collaboration in the coming year.  The goal of our outreach is to communicate to students and their families the importance of science to the economic success and security of the nation as well as the health of its citizens.


Professional Development

Chaired by Rachel Haake, one of SPAG’s key goals is to promote involvement of scientists in advocacy, and the Professional Development committee is key to achieving that mission.  Under the leadership of the chair, this committee coordinates professional development events for students and post-doctoral fellows throughout the year.

Special Projects 

Chaired by Benjamin Roberts. Special Projects is concerned with unassigned tasks, and this year with managing social media and web management.

Ben is a 6th year graduate student in the department of Biochemistry and Biophysics. He studies mechanisms od dyslipidema and the enzyme lipoprotein lipase. He used cell biological and biochemical techniques to investigate its activities and regulation in adipocytes. Ben is interested in pursuing a career in science advocacy and policy.

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