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SPAG was started as an organized forum for graduate and undergraduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and staff to advocate for issues revolving around science policy.

We have since grown to an organization that not only participates in advocacy on a federal level, but that also commits itself to local and state level advocacy, to outreach and to education. Our central aim is to train developing scientists how to be effective advocates for science. We encourage the conversation between researchers and legislators, to inform effective policy making. In doing so we strive to provide the skills and experience necessary for pursuing a career engaged in policy.

As a part of our advocacy work, we have engaged local and federal legislators through multiple avenues to discuss matters such as science funding. Our outreach work involves improvement of communication between scientists and the general public, including education of the general public about what their support allows us to do as scientists.  Outreach also involves volunteering to teach children about science and technology.

You can follow us on Facebook, twitter, or YouTube and email us with your questions.


2 Responses to “About SPAG”

  1. Erin Day

    Hi I am the vice president of the Association of Chemistry Graduate Students and the email I sent to Yael-Natalie Escobar bounced back. I am assuming they graduated, but I would love for your organization to be involved with our virtual new-student orientation. Please let me know who to email!
    Thank you,

  2. Benjamin Roberts

    Hi Erin, you should email David Gorelick ( or Rebecca Van Hoeck (, our new co-presidents.


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